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They also still love each other despite these flaws and that is the beauty of them. In truth, many of their qualities go against one another. Monica is a driven chef, passionate about her job while Chandler does something that requires he wears a suit and seems to not care all that much about it. Dating each other did not magically make them into better people.

Chandler did not magically become a neat freak who cared passionately about the work he did. He would joke about it but it was never in a very mean way.

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In fact, when they move in together, he even tries to clean the apartment for her. Of course, that backfires because everything has to be put back together perfectly but it is the thought that counts. They do not needle the other person to change and that is great for their relationship.

Chandler and Monica for sure had a lovely wedding, but it was far from perfect. Joey was the minister and he showed up late and in a costume.

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In reality, though, Rachel was the one who was pregnant so that was going on during the wedding too. All in all, the wedding was a beautiful mess and to be honest, most weddings are beautiful messes. Even if you hardcore plan or hire a wedding planner, something will go wrong. Of course, the wedding is just the wedding. What matters is the marriage and Chandler and Monica knew that.

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Oh, the fated wedding dress Monica loved. In this episode, Monica finds her perfect dress but cannot afford it at the retailer. There is apparently a place in Brooklyn that sells wedding dresses for a discounted price but had a very limited supply. Monica finds her dress there but gets in a tiff with another woman who wants the dress. Then, the lady then retaliates by booking The Swing Kings on the day Monica and Chandler are to be married.

She will only let Monica have them if she hands over the dress. Booking The Swing Kings is basically the only part of the wedding that Chandler cares about because while they were dancing to The Swing Kings, he realized he wanted to marry Monica — swoon. Monica and Chandler both had weird families and so does everyone. Chandler had a goofy childhood during which he started smoking at a young age, told jokes to cope with the divorce of his parents and began to hate celebrating the holidays.

Her relationship with her mother and father is strained, as they have always preferred Ross. She was a bit of a control freak, especially when it came to the apartment and the wedding. I mean, she had been dreaming of her wedding day for, like, ever. When it came down to it, though, she did let Chandler win from time to time. He got to bring that weird white dog thing to their apartment when he moved in with her. She also gave up her wedding dress to book The Swing Kings. After London, they kept their relationship a secret because they did not want everything to change.

This is something that no one really does these days.

Are Monica and Chandler really dating?

Between Instagram photos and the major step of changing your Facebook relationship status, it seems that whenever we get into a relationship, no matter how serious or casual, the whole world knows about it immediately. There are no longer those quiet beginnings during which you are able to find out what the relationship is going to be.

It is all out in the open as soon as we share that first kiss. Damn you, social media! Being nervous or freaked out about taking a step in a relationship is totally normal. Monica and Chandler were pretty vocal about expressing anxiety to each other before moving into together, before the wedding, and about having children. You should be able to talk to your partner about these anxieties because hey, they may be feeling them too. Also, you should know that if your partner comes to you with their anxieties, it isn't always a bad thing. Monica and Chandler knew each other for a while.

Like, a long, long time before they started dating. They were also both kind of train wrecks before they got together. Monica was neurotic and crazy about marriage and babies. Chandler was immature and afraid of commitment. You would think that these two would not necessarily go together well but they did. It worked mostly because they did not judge one another for the past. We all grow up, right? Chandler dating Janice of all people… Janice. She became a running joke in the show, like the crazy ex-girlfriend who wouldn't go away. Monica dated Richard, who was old enough to be her father and was, in fact, besties with her father. This insecurity lead to a big fight on their first anniversary, which could have easily been avoided had Chandler not been so insecure.

Chandler was the first person to know about Ross' love for Rachel. At some point during this time, Joey Tribbiani Matt LeBlanc moves in with him and they become best friends.

Chandler has a very good sense of humor, and is notoriously sarcastic. He attributes his sarcasm as a defense mechanism he developed due to his parents' divorcing when he was a child.

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He is the highest earning member of his friends' circle on account of responsible income management, having learned the value of money from a young age. He suffers from commitment issues, but later marries Monica at the end of season 7.

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In season 10, he and Monica go on to adopt twins. Chandler works as an IT procurements manager with the specialization "Statistical analysis and data reconfiguration," but loathes it. In Season 9, he quits his job and Monica helps him start a new career in advertising. Chandler is Ross Geller 's roommate in college. Chandler met his friend Rachel Green while celebrating Thanksgiving with the Geller family during his first year at college. Actor Joey Tribbiani moves in with Chandler, who becomes his best friend. Ross and Chandler have been best friends since college, where they were roommates.

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  • They were in a band together, shared weird hair and fashion styles, and graduated from college in Until moving in with Monica, Chandler shared an apartment with his best friend Joey Tribbiani. Chandler and Joey's apartment is an important focal point for the series as one of the few meeting areas of the gang.

    The two form a close and enduring friendship, and get into many humorous situations. When Chandler is first considering Joey as a roommate, the two start off on the wrong foot when Joey says that he "is cool with the gay thing" Joey assuming Chandler was gay. Joey comes to fill the slot, only Chandler had already chosen a roommate — a fashion photographer with a porn-star sister. But after their eccentric neighbor Mr.

    Heckles Larry Hankin tells the photographer that he is Chandler's new roommate and is able to open Chandler's unlocked door, the photographer leaves. This forces Chandler to give the keys to Joey and they find out they had a lot in common, including a fondness for Baywatch and beer.